Advanced Skills for EMTs

It is the mission of the FRSHCE/BAS EMS Consortium Paramedic Academy to produce extraordinary critical thinking paramedics who provide compassionate and exceptional patient care. We do this by creating a supportive learning environment that includes the student in the learning process. We provide several opportunities for outside activities that enrich the didactic experience. The opportunities include ride alongs with local 911 EMS providers.

We provide our students with a tablet computer loaded with EMS software to include iPCR, Title 22, local and regional EMS Regulations, as well as online learning tools. These tools will enhance the overall learning experience, while utilizing up to date technology students can expect to use in the field. This equipment will be incorporated into all aspects of clinical and field training. We have an excellent skills lab that includes a scenario based Simulation Lab, a High Fidelity ALS manikin, and an ambulance simulator.

The FRSHCE/BAS EMS Consortium has developed strong relationships with Paramedics Plus, Kaiser Permanente Regional Medical Centers, and Eden Medical Center. Through contractual agreements with these facilities, the consortium is able to guarantee immediate access to both clinical and field internships.


You must be a certified EMT with six months of experience before you can begin training as a paramedic. Please click here to get information about our EMT program.

Full-time Schedule

Twelve Month Course

Application Deadline


Paramedic Anatomy & Physiology

August 17th, 2015 (closed)

Academy Start Date

November 2nd, 2015 (closed)

Class Hours

Mon - Wed, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • 728 hours of didactic instruction
  • 48 hours of didactic observation
  • 208+ hours of clinical internship
  • 480+ hours of field internship

Course Prerequisites

To be eligible for the Paramedic Academy:

  • Proof of age: Must be 18 by the date of candidate's selected Academy start.
  • Proof of legal ability to work in the United States.
  • Proof of minimum education requirements.
    • High school diploma, official High School Transcripts showing successful completion, GED, or Official college transcripts.
  • No fewer than 1040 verified hours of EMT or healthcare work experience.
  • Copy of current EMT Certification and Health Care Provider CPR card.
  • Applicants must successfully pass a school entrance exam.
  • After successfully passing the entrance exam, applicants will be invited to take a Paramedic Entrance Exam which measures student preparedness in the following areas: Anatomy and physiology, Reading comprehension, Math, and EMT knowledge. The exam also measure personality traits.
  • Applicants must have completed a college level Anatomy and Physiology course within the last 2 years. All Paramedic Academy candidates who have not completed a Collegiate Level A&P course must complete Fast Response School's A&P course.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement is any process where a program formally recognizes prior learning of a student and applies that recognition toward meeting the program requirements.

Fast Response does not currently offer advanced placement.

Anatomy and Physiology

The purpose of the Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) prerequisite course is to deliver a comprehensive theoretical foundation and medical terminology of the human body systems to the paramedic program candidate comparable to what they will encounter during their didactic portion of the Paramedic Academy. Successful completion of this prerequisite will raise the candidate's cognitive level to that of a better prepared beginning paramedic student, and will verify the candidate's ability to cope with the pace of the School's Paramedic Academy. All Paramedic Academy candidates who have not completed a Collegiate Level A&P course must complete this course.

Sections of this course may be held in an online format. All students must have online access and the ability to complete assignments autonomously. Intermittent quizzes will be given as formative assessments to ensure that each student is advancing sufficiently in the course.

Class Hours

August 17th, 2015 through September 14th, 2015
Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Cost: $450.00 - Books included.

Online signup for A&P is available.

Applicants who have completed a college level Anatomy and Physiology course within the last 2 years may forgo the Anatomy and Physiology course by submitting college transcripts to Fast Response; however it is still strongly suggested that students take our Anatomy and Physiology class to be prepared for the Paramedic Academy.

Application Process

Phase I

  • Application Submission
    • Application (First five pages)
    • Essay
    • Work verification form
    • Reference forms
    • Resume
    • Copy of government issued identification (Drivers License, Passport, etc.)
    • Copy of high school or GED Diploma
    • Copy of college degree or official transcripts
    • Copy of current healthcare provider CPR card
    • Copy of current EMT card (CA State or NREMT)
    • Letters of Recommendation (Optional)
  • Successfully pass the school entrance examinations

Phase II

  • Oral Board - By invitation only

Prior to the first day of class, all students will need to complete and submit all required immunizations and drug screening results.

Full application details here.

Tuition and Fees

Main Fees
Registration Fee$250.00Non-Refundable
Background Check$200.00Non-Refundable after first day of class
Insurance$250.00Non-Refundable after first day of class
Supplies$1,845.00Textbooks, tablet, T-shirt, etc.
Uniform Patches$49.00Required to attend
Tuition$9,106.00Equivalent to $13.08 per clock hour
Clinical Externship$300.00Non-refundable after first day of clinical externship
Field Internship$500.00Non-refundable after first day of field internship
Estimated Additional Costs
Entrance Exam$24.00
Uniform$150.00approximate cost for full uniform (shirt, pants, boots, belt, nameplate)
Drug Screen$55.00
Live Scan$69.00
DMV Live Scan$50.00
Physical Examination$75.00Required for Ambulance Drivers License
Arranged Internship / Preceptor$1,000.00and up depending on internship location
NREMT Examination$90.00for written exam plus additional fees for practical skills exam
CA Paramedic Licensure fee$250.00
County EMS Certification fee$50.00May vary by county